Automatic bottle labeling machine

Product description:Key Features:This machine suit for round bottle or round container to label•  control system adopted matsushita stepper two-axis PLC control,collocation PRO FACE large LCD human interface,it is easily to operate.•   5-phase stepping motor control label by japan..•&nb

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Product description:

Key Features:

This machine suit for round bottle or round container to label
•  control system adopted matsushita stepper two-axis PLC control,collocation PRO FACE large LCD human interface,it is easily to operate.•   5-phase stepping motor control label by japan..
•  this machine is made of SUS304 and aluminum alloy to meet GMP standards. 
• labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor speed track. •  can be used with 650mm diameter turntable automatically into the bottle•  optional hot foil printer. 
•  standard score better bottle wheel for roundness and labeling speed is less than 80 bottles of bottles per minute.
•  Separating screw Labeling speed per minute for more than 80 bottles or more bottles and standing firm.


Label height A  / 10-120 mm, C / 10-180mm , D / 10-220 mm
Label lenght 10-300 mm
Diameter of bottle body30-130 mm ( Large size products, conveyor belts can be widened )
Label roll innerdiameter 76 mm
Label roll outerdiameter <=360 mm  
speed 12-38 meters/min

Industry Type(s)
Cosmetic /personal care Household chemicalFood & beverageNutraceuticalsPharmaceuticals
Name amountBrand  place of production
PLC1Siemens German
Servo drive1Siemens German
Servo motor1Siemens German
Touch screen1WeinviewTaiWan
Sensor1Siemens German
SMPC1          omronJapan
A.C.contactor1Siemens German

   Detail list of Selecting and Using the Accessory
   Main electrical configuration
Name    specifications amountBrandplace of production
PLC6ES7288-ISR20-OAAO1 Germany
frequency changer6ES7288-ICR40-OAAC1 Germany
Servo driveSINAMICS V901 Germany
Touch screen6AV6648-OCC11-3AXO1 Germany
SensorFX5012 Japan
SMPCS8JC-Z05024C1 France
A.C.contactorCJX2910M1 France
DC 24VRelayMY2N-J

Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator

Sleeve labeling machine

1. Whole machine adopt qualified stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy, compact and reasonable fracture, convenient to adjust;

2. The label roll frame of shrinkage film with adjustable device, convenient to adjust according to differ volume label 5~10paper tube.

3. Simply installation, then can convenient for square and round bottle.

4. No need of instrument, rotary mechanism is convenient to adjust, apply to different bottle type.

5. Unique sleeve labeling method, adopt pressing sleeve labeling method, not only convenient but also reasonable.

6. Control the feeding system automatically, and flat the shrinkage film and adjust strain simultaneity.

7. Unique design knife plate, in the determined range, can change the knife base. Knife changing quickly and conveniently.

8. Middle guide-pole clip system, mould changing quickly, no need any instrument.

9. Label location system, can promote and demote in-phase adjust location according to specific bottle type requirement.

10. Imported servo system and high-sensitivity photoelectric from Japan, with high cutting precision of label.

11. Stainless steel electric control cabinet, OMRON PLC, imported from Japan. 

12. Adopt advanced man-computer Interface auto controlling technology, key electric component all adopt international famous industrial brand.

Technology parameter:
Production capacity: 9000-21000b/h(take label length 80mmbottle type 500ml as norm);
Label specification: φ 30~125mm;
Bottle &can diameter: φ 28~125mm;
Label length: 30~250mm;
Label thickness: ≥ 0.035mm
Label material: PVC/PET/OPS;
Main machine power: 3KW(220V, 50Hz)
External size: 850× 800× 2180mm
Weight: 450kg

Steam generator

Power: 380V, 18KW
Steam use volume: 24Kg/hr
Steam pressure: 0.3~0.45MPa
External size: 680× 560× 1300mm (L× W× H)
Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator

After sale service

 1.. Engineer install and train client how to use and maintain machine

2. one year guarantee

Some basic details need buyer support:

1. bottle and label samples

2. capacity requirement, we will match solution as it. we have capacity from 5000bph to 18000bph


We also supply Raw material required for filling line required:
Main electrical configuration

Opp hot melt labeling machine
 Infeed bottle → pre-position →label cutting → gluing → labeling → label by press out → finish

Technical Parameters:
Nameopp Hot Melt Labeling Machine
Power supplyThree-phase 380V 60 Hz 5000W
Machine dimensions:3650mm×1700mmX 2010mm(can be adjusted by customer requirements)
Method of speed adjustment:uninterrupted - adjust rate
Labeling precision:±1mm
Labeling speed10000-12000bph
Maximum label width:200mm(standard width, can be adjusted )
The maximum outer diameter of label600mm
Paper core Hot melt152 mm
Labeling glue:glue at both ends of each label with hot melt
Gluing temperature:120~160ºC
Labeling type for products:suitable for round or square containers made of plastic, metal, glass
Type of label:bopp ,paper-plastic composite film  ,paper label
Labeling stations:12per cycle
Machine weight:about 3000 kg

 Method of Operation

The containers are picked up by the infeed starwheel and transferred to the container table. The container rotation begins when they are positioned between container plates and centering bells.
The speed of the feed roller is adjusted to the required label length for continuous web tension. A standard threading unit ensures optimal film feed. In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a PLC command and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.
Two narrow strips of hot melt glue the labels together, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges. The label with the glue strip on its leading edge is transferred to the container. This glue strip ensures an exact label positioning and a positive bond. As the container is rotated during label transfer, labels are applied tightly. Gluing of the trailing edge ensures proper bonding.

 Equipment constitutes
Sanyo servo system
Sanyo servo drive system
Sanyo motion controller
Germany Schneider Touch-screen
Japan SUNX  Digital Color Mark Sensor
Japan SUNX  Detection Sensor for coating adhesive
Japan SUNX  Photoelectric Sensor
Japan SUNX  Photoelectric Sensor

Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator
Double side adhesive label sticking machine
Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator

Round bottle adhesive label sticking machine 

Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator

Labelling machine-one client bottle samples
Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator


Auto Bottle Label Adhesive Applicator

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