Elum and USHydrations Partnership Results in Record-Breaking Efficiency

2022-05-13 23:57:23 By : Mr. Tiger World

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Elum's premier product, PROTOS, sets high standards consistently breaking production records and improving overall line efficiency

TURLOCK, Calif. , Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Elum Inc. is committed to replacing and revolutionizing outdated technology in the labeling and manufacturing industries. This makes USHydrations, one of the largest players in the beverage contract manufacturing business, an ideal partner. Elum worked with USHydrations to introduce their premier product, PROTOS, into their operation to create efficiencies. As the world's first servo-driven, roll-fed, wrap-around labeler, PROTOS delivers nimble technology with precision and speed that boosts productivity, proving to be a true game changer.

The power of PROTOS is realized in the game-changing results and improved performance USHydrations has experienced.

USHydrations has served some of the most prominent national and global brands for over 25 years. With an immense amount of growth in the last few years, they have made substantial capital investments to improve manufacturing capabilities and capacities. Elum is proud to have been part of these upgrades, making an impact with PROTOS and hands-on support and training from their team of experts. 

"PROTOS has really carried the load on our line; the machine that it runs with is older and slower. We've broken our production records several times over the past year. We continue to break records on that line because PROTOS performs so well and so consistently," says Joe Peters , USHydrations VP of Operations & Engineering.

PROTOS is designed to address common industry inefficiencies. USHydration shared their appreciation for PROTOS' precise servo motors, patented adhesive extrusion system, modular design, small footprint and dedicated support team, all of which have streamlined their operation and created valuable results with little need for maintenance. 

"The extruded glue and the servos features are so important to our operation; it's the precision that you are able to apply the glue and the precision that you're able to maintain, to put out a quality product at a high level. You don't see this innovation elsewhere."

The power of PROTOS is realized in the game-changing results and improved performance USHydrations has experienced. To learn more about Elum Inc. and PROTOS, visit eluminc.com. 

Founded in 2013, Elum Inc., is a team of elite designers, mechanical engineers, motion control specialists, label and glue experts, and manufacturing professionals with over 180 years of combined experience in packaging machinery. Elum Inc is committed to creating innovative labeling solutions, thinking two steps ahead to create the future forward products our industry demands. Our premier product, PROTOS, is an outcome of just that. A single labeling solution engineered for efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Saving space. Cutting costs. Surpassing all others. PROTOS is responsive to tomorrow's industry needs, and revolutionary for today's businesses. 

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